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Water Softener Systems in San Diego & Riverside Counties

sinkkSan Diego municipal water is very hard. Hard water consists of hard minerals, namely calcium & magnesium. These hard minerals make laundry more difficult to clean, wreak havoc on your hair & skin, and accelerate the damage to sinks, faucets, fixtures, water heaters, dishwashers and pipes.

ICON Water Specialties installs top-of-the-line 3M branded whole house water softener systems that remove hardness and scale. 3M is an American Fortune 500 company (current ranked 98th). You will not find better water treatment and filtration equipment than 3M’s.

Additionally, 3M’s reverse osmosis water purifiers and drinking water systems are “the best on the planet”. This under-the-counter appliance removes microscopic impurities from municipal and well water including arsenic, fluoride, lead, nitrates, chromium, selenium, cryptosporidium, E.coli and giardia and much more. Finally the purified water then flows through a coconut shell carbon filter to polish the water and make it taste great! A dedicated pure water faucet is provided at the kitchen sink for convenient dispensing of purified water for drinking, cooking, making coffee, tea and juice.

For those desiring pH balanced or pH adjusted (aka alkaline) water, an additional cartridge can be added to the 3M system creating true purified and pH balanced drinking water. Most competing systems do not purify the water, but merely filter and remove minor impurities. It is always best to purify you water using reverse osmosis technology before creating any type of beverage. This same technology and logic is used at the major coffee houses, since a cup of coffee consists of approximately 99% water and 1% coffee. The theory being if you start off with purified water, you’ll create a great tasting cup of coffee!

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