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“Salt-Free” vs. Ion Exchange

A common misunderstanding by potential buyers of water treatment equipment is the use of the terms, “Salt Free” and “Whole House System”.   Many consumers erroneously think or are led by dishonest or unknowledgeable sales people to believe that they can get “soft water” or water that has had the hard minerals removed without the use…

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Water Softener Systems in San Diego & Riverside Counties

San Diego municipal water is very hard. Hard water consists of hard minerals, namely calcium & magnesium. These hard minerals make laundry more difficult to clean, wreak havoc on your hair & skin, and accelerate the damage to sinks, faucets, fixtures, water heaters, dishwashers and pipes. ICON Water Specialties installs top-of-the-line 3M branded whole house…

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Water Softener & Filtration Installation in Temecula

The new construction custom home water treatment market is a very demanding and exclusive segment. Icon Water Specialties has excelled in water purification technology since 1984. Recently, ICON designed and installed a water treatment package in a 7500 square foot custom home in Temecula, utilizing 3M branded point-of-entry water softening and whole house filtration technologies as…

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