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Water Softener & Filtration Installation in Temecula

The new construction custom home water treatment market is a very demanding and exclusive segment. Icon Water Specialties has excelled in water purification technology since 1984. Recently, ICON designed and installed a water treatment package in a 7500 square foot custom home in Temecula, utilizing 3M branded point-of-entry water softening and whole house filtration technologies as the base platform.

Water Softener & Filtration Systems

Water softener installation in Temecula is essential for removal of hard minerals that corrode pipes, fixtures and appliances, and makes the water feel fresh & clean. Whole house filter system installation in Temecula eliminates toxic chlorine & harmful chemicals and makes the water smell better too. In tandem, this allows for soft, filtered and conditioned water for use in bathing & hygiene and well as cleaner clothes, dishes, showers and fixtures.

All other contaminates including lead, nitrates, cysts, arsenic, fluoride and more are then removed by an Axeon Water Technologies High Flow Reverse Osmosis system. This salt-free high purity water is then delivered to all the cold-side faucets in the house (including bathroom, kitchen and island faucets), ice makers, pot filler, steam sauna, and outdoor BBQ area. Additionally, a hose bib is installed in the garage for easy spot-free car detailing and window washing.

If your home or commercial business is in need of Water System or Filter Installation, look no further! We have many satisfied customers from the cities of La Jolla to Malibu, from San Diego County to Riverside County, from Beverly Hills to Palm Springs and everywhere in between!

For more information on our water specialties services in San Diego and Riverside Counties, contact us today at 1-888-537-2475 to schedule a FREE consultation with an ICON Water Specialties expert Technician. Click here to learn more about our water softener and whole house filtration products!

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