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3mwts_facing_p_2The traditional method of softening the water is still the most popular. Our systems are the most efficient water softeners on the market. Our whole house system is a carbon based media unit with a mechanical valve, designed for those who want salt-free water without benefits of softened water.

Typically, municipal water in the San Diego area is very hard. What does it mean for water to be hard? Water is classified as hard if it consists of hard minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. These hard minerals are avoided because their harsh nature tends to make laundry more difficult to clean, ruins and damages your hair & skin, and can decrease the healthy lifespan of your fixtures, sinks, water heaters, faucets, pipes & dishwashers.

ICON Water Specialties installs only the best whole house water softener systems (3M branded ) that can remove hardness and scale in a jiffy. 3M is an American Fortune 500 company (current ranked 98th). It doesn't get any better than this! You won'tfind better water treatment and softening equipment than 3M’s. Get ready to provide the security of pure water at your sink and soft water from your shower … that's ICON Water Specialties!

Water purity and softness is at the forefront for those who care about the water they drink and bathe with. ICON Water Specialties, residential and commercial, is prepared to fulfill your water treatment needs with over 24 years of experience, quality products, professional installation, service and repair on all types of water systems.

ICON Water Specialties prides itself with a quick response to your water treatment needs. A pure water system allows you to enjoy pure water at your kitchen sink in almost endless amounts, improving the quality and taste of coffee, juice, and other beverages. We can also provide a pure water line to your refrigerator producing crystal clean ice. Each application can be introduced at the usual point-of-use locations as well as the outdoor barbecue, master bedroom retreat, kids sink or even the horse corral.

ICON Water Specialties is also prepared to provide the most recent water softening technologies available. Choosing to soften your water can benefit not only your skin and hair but your clothing, appliances, fixtures and pipes as well. Our installers and technicians are licensed and experienced, providing the security and assurance of timely, professional installations and service on all your Icon Water Systems water products.

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