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Whole House Filtration



3mpf301Our whole house system is a carbon based media unit with a mechanical or digital control valve. With this special system, the media bed is automatically backwashed, meaning the elimination of unwanted contaminates in the tank at predetermined intervals. The systems are designed for people who desire salt-free conditioned water with out the benefits of softened water.

Our Whole house filter system installation in Temecula gets ride of harmful chlorine & toxic chemicals. It also makes the water smell better as well! As a result, soft, filtered and conditioned water is produced for your everyday use in bathing & hygiene, as well as laundry, dishes, showers, appliances and fixtures. Most unfiltered water in Southern California produces water that has sediment and/or sand, hard minerals, iron and sometimes hydrogen sulfide. We have systems that reduce or eliminate these problems when properly sized, installed, and maintained, turning your home or business' water supply into an endless source of fresh, clean water for cooking, bathing, cleaning and everything else.

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Not only do we service all the products that we sell, we also service the products that other companies sell as well, including:

• 3M ®
• Aqua Pure ®
• Autotrol ®
• Culligan ®
• Cuno ®
• Eco ®
• Everpure ®
• Fleck ®
• GE ®

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