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3mro401_new-530x534We carry a full line of reverse osmosis drinking water systems. We rate these systems as Good (entry level), Better (middle level), and Best (top-of-the-line) and are priced accordingly. All systems are made in America and are NSF.org certified. 

Municipal water is typically hard in the San Diego regions. What defines water as hard water depends on whether it contains hard minerals, such as calcium & magnesium. These two are considered hard minerals, and they tend to create unfavorable conditions, such as making laundry harder to clean, damaging your hair & skin, and increasing the rate of damage to fixtures like sinks, faucets, heaters, dishwashers, pipes and more.

ICON Water Specialties' 3M branded whole house water softener systems remove hardness and scale from your everyday water. 3M is an American Fortune 500 company (current ranked 98th). You will not find a more top-of-the-line water treatment and filtration systems than the 3M’s that we install!

If you are looking to acquire pH balanced or alkaline water, We can include an additional cartridge to the 3M system. This will insure that your drinking water system is creating the most true, purified and pH adjusted drinking water. Typically, the usual competing systems filter and remove impurities, however they do not go the extra mile to purify the water. Before making any types of beverages, the better option is to always purify your drinking water using reverse osmosis technology. This same method and technology is what is used at major coffee houses, since a cup of coffee is made up of about 99% water and 1% coffee. The theory in short: start off with purified water, and you’ll have yourself a great tasting cup of coffee!

Our expert staff of professional service technicians are factory trained and field tested to provide a reliable team for all your maintenance and service needs. ICON Water Systems offers smaller appointment windows (i.e., 2-3 hours) versus 4 to 8 hours, respecting the busy lifestyles of our customers. Often we are able to give same day service in selected areas. Additionally, we are able to schedule evening and Saturday appointments upon request. 

Our service schedulers are available Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and Saturdays 8:30 AM to 2:300 PM to schedule a convenient appointment for you. Please call on ICON Water Systems for your water purification system needs. We look forward to serving you to your complete satisfaction. ICON Water Systems - We're ready when you are. Give us a call today!